Maintenance Update on April 16, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on April 16, 2016.

Ref # Name
15659731 Documents Custom Form data does not refresh correctly
16091769 Able to log in with multiple passwords
16043087 Descriptive Text Field will not show bulleted lists when the form is attached to an object but will when you view it in preview. While attached to an object it will display in a paragraph format
16044165 Issues Not Closing – Invalid parameter: Planned completion date value
16043426 User getting Whoops error when using request queue – custom form doesn’t load
16042938 Horizontal scrollbar is mostly hidden if editing views within Setup menu
15905707 Options missing Editing a Reminder Notification
15898607 Double scroll bar in System / Customer Info screen
15886975 Agile questions (My Work issue)
15874069 Team isn’t sticking – After editing a Team Settings, user is returned to different team; or after editing first team, trying to edit 2nd team populates with 1st team
15870120 When both original and delegated users approve the object, update stream shows the update not correct
15697557 Story card colors changed to default when creating a sub-task
15697556 Assignments are not sticking when adding them through the new subtask cards in the iteration
15885680 Agile Storyboard no longer shows Story cards for users in EA (PC, JSD)
15876172 Advanced Search – Delete and Copy Buttons Do Not Work
15865897 New Timesheet Report column “Total Hours” stuck in ‘text mode’
15910668 Cannot attach templates to projects
15910916 “Proof could not be opened” error message when clicking on Proof
15698168 Bug With Excel Export
15695926 Grouping by ActualHoursThisMonth Generates an error
15904144 Save button on Reminder Notification Edit screen is missing
15694957 Agile-question about backlogs
15863457 Task Parent column exports with links in Excel Data List sheet
15858117 Error with editing report column rule
15868161 Admins can’t set up report delivery for reports they had not created
15872997 “Create” button for Add Subtask on Story Boards doesn’t give an indication that a Request is processing, this allows multiple iterations of the same Subtask to be created.
15864463 Updating Calendar Custom Label to any Hours field does not display Hours
15896345 Error in Report because of the filter
15896343 Time Out settings ProofHQ
15895868 Timesheet Hour type is defaulted to user default not to Project default
15866401 Conditional Formatting No Longer Working for Fields that Contain a Comma
15866922 Unable to Share a Document, user gets error message of “You do not have sufficient access to delete this Document Share.” User is adding Share rights and not deleting
15851491 Cannot Delete Group
15875016 Parent Task Name incorrect on Issue Report
15694877 Unable to drag cards with subtasks between equating statuses Agile
15884643 Hours report not exporting according to what is being displayed. All hours being exported
15892996 New Version selection from Document Actions does not function. The pop up window to load a new document does not appear after it is selected.
15217149 Error Message of “Let’s try that again. Error communicating with server” When Using Search Function
15711909 Error Message “Invalid parameter Conversion value All (102)”
15851026 Discrepancy in financial information when sending the report as PDF
12458357 Deleting Primary Company causes users to not have the option to do a directed update to some people.
11579949 Full Day Exceptions for a Default Group is not being applied to their Schedule.
15709202 Email me when preferences are UNCHECKED when setting up new users
15868167 Task Export via Kick-Starts doesn’t export predecessors
15281551 Announcement Center: Chrome – icons are not lined up properly.
15312401 Unable to uncheck Done button options in Team Settings
15249546 An error “You do not have sufficient access to view this report” appears when trying to export a report which is run with the access rights of a user that doesn’t have access to the report
15842547 Approved By field blank after updating name of project approval step
15701424 (Agile Storyboard) If a task is placed into a status the team is not configured for it will disappear (JSD)
15702881 ExtRefID field length very short on CSTEM
8626829 Project name and User Hyperlinks inactive in Notification of Document Added to Project
15682741 Display of help button out of alignment when viewing Announcements
15697661 Whoops error on Timesheet with Contribute access user with Change Status option checked
15690491 Agile subTasks don’t show hour values in the Resource Grid
15845976 When converting an issue to a task, the hours logged under the issue show both on the original project and the converted task in another project, but don’t show up on the timesheet.
15478588 Document download failed and whoops errors
15687291 Agile StoryBoard – header scrolls off top (JSD, JH)
15676217 Planned duration not inline editable
8394942 Using up/down arrows to switch between hour types works fine in timesheet but not in My Work
15659963 New Agile Burndown (in EA) can have Est. Completion on non-working day (Sat/Sun or holiday) (MS, JSD)
This article last updated on 2016-04-21 20:47:03 UTC