Cannot Display More than 500 Results in Report


When running a report with lots of results, you may encounter an error such as:

"Let's try that again.
The following error occurred: null (RequestID: 5718d468002ff1267aec53f29a2c094e)" ​


Some people have had success running the report again.
If you cannot get all the results to display, you can add additional filters until results are displayed, and then change the filters to show different results.
For example, if you are looking for all tasks completed this quarter, you can add a filter for all the tasks that were completed this week, export the list of results, change the filter to last week, export the results, change the filter again for the week before and so on.
Some people have also had success logging out, logging back in and running the report, but only choosing to view 100 or 250 results instead of 500 or all.


Fixed and deployed May 13, 2016.