Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is not a supported browser for Workfront.

Workfront no longer works correctly with IE 9 

As of May 2016, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is not a supported browser for Workfront. Users still on IE9 will need to upgrade their browser in order to avoid problems using Workfront.  The May release includes changes that will not work for IE 9 users.  Specifically, drop-down menus on some buttons will no longer work.  Some features may still work, however enough problems are known to warn customers to no longer use IE9 with Workfront.  In addition, Microsoft has no further plans to provide fixes or updates to IE9.  See additional information here: Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ended


Supported Browser versions 

Workfront encourages all of our customers to ensure that their users are accessing Workfront from a supported browser. For more information on which browsers are supported, please see the following online Help article: Workfront Software Requirements