Understanding the Approval Process in Workfront

You can associate the following types of approvals to items in Workfront:

Project, Task, and Issue Approvals

You can define an approval process for a status and associate it with a project, task, or issue.

  1. The administrator defines an approval process and applies the process to a task, project, or issue
    A user with manage permissions to a project, task, or issue attaches a single-use approval process to an item. 
    For information about how to define an approval process, see "Creating Approval Processes."
  2. The status of the object (task, project, or issue) is set to the pre-defined status that initiates the approval process. (This is defined during the approval creation process, as described in "Creating Approval Processes.")
    For example, you can associate an approval process for a task with the Complete status. When the task status is updated to Complete, the status is set to Complete - Pending Approval
  3. The approval process launches.
  4. The designated approvers receive a notification about the pending approval and they can find their pending approvals in the Approvals tab of their My Work area. 
    For more information about viewing approvals, see "Viewing Approvals."
  5. The designated approvers review and approve the work item.
    For information about how to review work items that are awaiting your approval, see "Viewing Approvals."
  6. The approval process completes after all steps of the approval have been approved. 
    If the approval is rejected at any point in the process, the status is either re-set to a pre-defined status, or an issue is created. This is defined during the approval creation process, as described in "Creating Approval Processes."

Document Approvals

You can add approvers to a document after it has been uploaded in to Workfront. 

For more information about document approvals, see "Requesting Document Approvals."

Proof Approvals

If you are a Workfront Proof customer, you can add an automatic workflow to a document proof, and designate certain users in the workflow as approvers of the proof. 

For more information about adding automated workflows to document proofs, see "Adding and Managing Automated Workflows for Proofs. 


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