Maintenance Update on May 14, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on May 14, 2016.

Ref # Name
8390701 Unable to Delete the Team
16101488 Issues moving project's status to Complete after deleting tasks inline
16067198 German Translation: With Timesheet Profile set to create on weekly basis, the current week's timesheet is not displaying when clicking on Timesheets
16277219 When there are no team requests in the list the system doesn't allow you to navigate between the tabs Ready To Start and All
16111005 Custom forms - Rx Work Request - marketer able to override mandatory fields
16096313 Recurring Task Timeline Reset
16059817 Task Owner assignment not working correctly after a Job role has been added
16102121 Message Keys Appearing instead of text when clicking on the approval buttons from Document Details page
16070629 Cannot Reorder Status Selection when in the Setup menu. Changes to order are not being saved.
16051602 Reporting Error Message When Exporting 'No Value' Wedge in Pie Chart (Pie Chart only)
16110421 Unable to change task duration on a project
16092273 Custom fields values do not populate in My Work layout templates
16092223 Not saving all of the info that I am adding a Custom Form (over 2000 characters)
16100475 Submitting an Issue blanks out fields on the form
16047512 Wrong currency in cumulative rows of sent reports
16104696 Submissions to Request queue is triggering requests for access
16110435 Creating new "Late Timesheet" Notifications - No notifications are being sent
16089508 Matrix report export not like on screen
16043087 Descriptive Text Field will not show bulleted lists when the form is attached to an object but will when you view it in preview. While attached to an object it will display in a paragraph format
16111023 Reordering items on a custom field list do not stick after saving
16096003 Removing Team Member in Team Builder gives Error message of "You do not have sufficient access to delete this Project"
16116226 Email template reminder notification showing wrong date.
16106819 Entry Date on Aggregator is missing when exporting to PDF
16109430 Project Overview - Description Box Not Showing When Editing
16047633 Custom Field Edit Not Allowing to Un-Save Changes
16060742 When exporting a report the value after a decimal is stripped from the display
15885680 Agile Storyboard no longer shows Story cards for users in EA (PC, JSD)
15906527 Smart Recommendation is Zeroing Out Planned Hours when assigning a user to a task using Inline Edit.
15913105 Unable to Delete Projects
15870267 Resource planning part time employee
15913240 Can't Re-order Task Number list from Legacy Gantt
15306817 Error message when moving tasks from one project to another: Reference to # 8056860
16126432 Warning message on New User creation page
16120582 Unable to copy projects
15163401 Notes Flag Icon appears when an Approval Process is added
15163399 The filter on the project list under Portfolio -> Milestones is not sticking as it does in all the other areas in the application
12458357 Deleting Primary Company causes users to not have the option to do a directed update to some people.
8209000 Report columns list in reverse order
15877058 Recalling Issues in 'New - Pending Approval' status marks them as being approved
15282392 FireFox Custom Field Error - paragraph fields show only 1 line of text
15248539 The information/warning message in the Sharing lightbox is not displayed fully when the number of Users the item is shared with is large enough that a right scrollbar appears.
15206961 Translation Issue on Resource Estimates for Business Case
16118177 Send Report > Send Now feature not working
8658451 When changing a project status from planning to current, tasks that are automatically sent to the user's Working On don't have commit date set
15855971 ExtRefID field length very short on PRGM
8229781 Unable to Delete Team in Preview or Sandbox
8351705 Task owner switch
6814591 Cannot Clear Custom Currency Fields via inline edit
15853936 Columns on a Filter on the people tab
15857890 If the timezone of a schedule is not the system default one, when making changes in the Exceptions tab the timezone of the schedule reverts to the default one


This article last updated on 2016-05-23 16:30:18 UTC