Sharing a Project to People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies

There are a few ways of giving permissions to People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies to access a Project:


 A. Giving Access from a Portfolio/Program

If the projects are all in the same Portfolio or a Program you can share the Portfolio or the Program itself and the Projects under it will inherit the same permissions for the People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies.


 B.Giving Access via a Project Template

B.1  You can create a Project Sharing Template via Project Actions > Sharing > Settings icon > “Set as my project access template” option and all new Projects that you create will be shared automatically based on your Project Sharing Template:

    1. open a Project and navigate to Project Actions > Sharing;
    2. add People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies in the Sharing Lightbox;
    3. click on Settings icon on the upper right corner;
    4. select "Set as my project access template" option and save;
    5. go to Projects list and create a new Project;
    6. for that new Project select Project Actions > Sharing.

Result: it is shared with the all People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies set in the target Project.

Other users can also easily open the Sharing Lightbox on any Project and set the same as their Project Sharing Template, as in the steps above.

NOTE:  Existing projects will not be affected. The template sharing rules will only apply to new projects.

Here is a step by step video:


B.2  For sharing new Projects created from a Template you need to take the following steps:

    1. open a new Project Template then navigate to Template Actions > Project Sharing;
    2. add People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies that you want to share the Projects created from that Template;
    3. save the sharing;
    4. go to Projects' list;
    5. create a new Project from the newly created Template.

Result: the Project created from the new Template will be shared with the People/Teams/Roles/Groups/Companies set in the Project Template's Sharing Lightbox.

Please, check this step by step video: 

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