Kick-Starts Error: "Your file was correct, but nothing was imported"


Trying to import a Kick-start sheet into Workfront errors with: "Whoops! Something went wrong. Your file was correct, but nothing was imported."


This error points to one of three things missing in the Kick-start file.

  1. The isNew column must be set to TRUE for all the items you want to import. isNew must be TRUE because you can only import New data with a Kick-start. You cannot Modify existing data via Kick-start. You can have other rows in the spreadsheet with isNew = FALSE but, these rows will not import.
  2. ​The file needs to have one empty row before the headers of your data start.
  3. ​The Excel sheet(s) need(s) to have the correct name(s).

When working with Kick-starts it's suggested to first download the Kick-start Template, populate it with the correct data and then import it back into Workfront.

Download the Kick-start Template:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click System
  3. Click Kick-Starts
  4. Click Import Data
  5. Under Download a blank Kick-Start spreadsheet section, select the object type you're working with and click Download.

Populate this template with your data and import it in Workfront. 

This article last updated on 2018-03-01 21:07:44 UTC