Preview and Sandbox environments and how they work with SSO

Workfront (Production) is initially set up with a Workfront specific username and password.
Once Single Sign On is enabled (SAML 1.1 or 2.) you now have 2 username and passwords.


This environment is refreshed automatically (all customer accounts, and cannot be opted out of.) each weekend during our maintenance window.
To see more information on our maintenance window, you can visit:

Custom Refresh Sandbox (1 or 2):
This environment is only refreshed when a Workfront system administrator logs into it and schedules a refresh.*
*Note, the refresh is queued up for the time specified, but may be delayed if there are other companies that have their environment set to refresh before yours.


Special Notes:
When any test environment we have available is refreshed, there are 2 things that happen:
1) ALL user emails are set to
   - The reason we do this is to prevent emails from being sent to users from multiple environments, which helps reduce confusion.
2) Also, the SSO table is scrubbed, and is basically left as an empty table.

So a quick recap: Preview is refreshed weekly and does not carry SSO sign in information over when it’s refreshed, thus requiring you to use your Workfront specific username and password, not your SSO username and password.
Custom Refresh sandboxes are refreshed by system admins and follow the same rules as the Preview environment in that we blank out the SSO table, and set all email addresses to

You’ll need to have 2 username and passwords. One for Workfront as an admin, and one for your SSO system.
**While it is possible to use your SSO username in password in the Preview and Sandbox environments, you need to log into those environments each time those environments are refreshed and then set up SSO again.**