Microsoft Project and Duration Types

Duration Types

Workfront has four task duration types:

  • Simple
  • Effort Driven
  • Calculated Work
  • Calculated Assignment

These duration types are not recognized by Microsoft Project. Currently, Microsoft Project has 3 task types:

  • Fixed Units
  • Fixed Work
  • Fixed Duration 

Exporting from Workfront

When exporting from Workfront to Microsoft Project, Effort Driven tasks become Fixed Work. Simple, Calculated Work, and Calculated Assignment become Fixed Units

Importing from Workfront

When importing from Microsoft Project to Workfront, Fixed Units become Effort Driven. Fixed Work and Fixed duration receive the default duration type.


WARNING When a task has Calculated Work as the duration type and the default duration type in Setup is set as Calculated Assignment, then MS Project assignment allocations will be lost during the import.

This article last updated on 2018-05-14 18:21:25 UTC