How to Change the Owner of a Calendar


Situation: A calendar is owned by a user who has left the company and is now deactivated. You would like to take ownership of this calendar. Unfortunately, there isn't an ownership change option. You can, however copy the calendar and become the copied calendar's owner.

Steps to Copy Calendar:

  1. Go to the calendar under Reporting > Calendars tab.
  2. Click the appropriate calendar.
  3. Select Calendar Actions > Copy Calendar.
NOTE: The user who performs the Copy Calendar will become the new Calendar Owner.
At this point you can remove the old calendar if no longer needed.
NOTE: Copying the Calendar will only copy events that are added through the calendar filters.
There is not currently a way to export or copy calendar objects manually added to the old calendar. These will need to manually be added to the new copied calendar.
This article last updated on 2018-03-01 21:06:18 UTC