Logged-In Session Time in the Workfront Mobile App

The logged-in session period in the Workfront Mobile App works differently depending on the login type.

  1. Logging with SSO

In case of using SSO to login to the Workfront Mobile App a user is redirected to the SSO login page in the mobile browser.

The logged-in session time depends on:

  • the API settings in a user's Live Environment

One can change the frequency that API keys expire in order to prolong the time of the logged-in session in Workfront Mobile App.

For more on managing API keys please check: Managing API Keys for the Workfront System.

  • the System Preferences of a user's Live Environment for the option "Automatically log users out after"

2. Logging In with Workfront Credentials

In case of using Workfront Credentials to login to the Workfront Mobile App, once authenticated, a user stays logged in unless he/she does a password reset.

The 24/7 logged in session with Workfront Credentials for the Mobile App is internally set by our Mobility Team to make our users' experience much handier.

For more on Workfront Mobile App please check this document: Workfront Mobile App

This article last updated on 2017-11-09 17:18:33 UTC