Staffing Tab

"Staffing" tab is located in Project>More option and is showing the list of all  staff/people working on the project.

Within the Staffing tab there are 3 more tabs available. They are: Team Builder, Resource Grid and People tabs.

- Team Builder

Team Builder provides an interface for creating and managing a Project Team. Workfront's internal scheduling engine and matchmaking logic can help determine the best match between team members and tasks, helping to make smart decisions with limited resources.

For more information please see the help article:

- Resource Grid

The Resource Grid gives you visibility into specific resources as a project progresses towards completion. For example, you can easily see when someone on your project team gets their work done early, and when someone falls behind. This visibility enables you to stay on top of your most important projects and initiatives.

For more information please see the help article:

- People

All the Users that are assigned to a Task/Issue or indicated as Project Owner/Sponsor are automatically included in People tab.

In this tab you can "Update All" Users within the Project or export their list. Also if you don’t want somebody to be on your Project any more, you can "Remove" the particular User or Users from here. Please note that any tasks or issues assigned to them might be affected. 

For more information please see the help article: