How to Show Object Name Instead of an ID


Sometimes when creating a report or a view there is a need to add an object name column, however when customizing a view or creating a report in the left search column only ID could be found.

For example, you would like to add Issue -> Topic Name into an Issue View. If you search for this to add as a column you will find that it is missing. Only Issue->Topic ID is present. So in order to show Issue Topic Name on the Issue View the following should be done:

- Add a column Issue->Topic ID

- Switch to Text Code

- Find valuefield text, put colon after queueTopic text and replace ID with "name" text. Check the format


- Remove namekey string

- Next to displayname= add Queue Topic name (or whatever text you would like to see)

- Save it and check the view.

Instead of object ID the name will be displayed.


This article last updated on 2017-11-10 20:19:38 UTC