August 2016 Release Activity

The changes described in this section are being made Generally Available (GA), or are releasing to the Early Access (EA) or Preview Sandbox (PrS) environments. (Changes might also include functionality that is currently available in the PrS or EA environments and is scheduled to release to GA sometime in the future.)

New in Early Access or Preview on August 24
Remaining in Early Access or Preview throughout August

Maintenance Updates

For a comprehensive list of recent maintenance updates made to the Workfront system, see "Maintenance Updates." 

Feature / Change Explanation Availability
New This Month (Prioritized by GA Release Date)       
Mobile Improvements

You can now view custom data on an object within the mobile app. This includes viewing multiple forms on a single object.


For more information, see "Viewing and Modifying Work Items" in "Workfront Mobile App."

 GA: Aug 11


(Updated applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

Change to Access Requirements for Advanced Proofing Features

Your Workfront environment must be integrated with a ProofHQ Premium account in order to access Advanced Proofing features in Workfront. 



Advanced Proofing features that were available in Early Access include the ability to:

Previously, all proofing customers had access to these Advanced Proofing features while these features were available only in Early Access. If you were using these Advanced Proofing features during Early Access, any proofs that already contain these advanced features are not changed; however, you cannot continue to use these features on the existing proofs, and you cannot use these features on new proofs.


For example, if you created a URL proof during Early Access, you can still view that URL proof, but you cannot add new versions to that URL proof and you cannot create a new URL proof.


For more information about the functionality differences between Basic Proofing and Advanced Proofing, see "Understanding Access to Proofing Functionality" in "Enabling and Disabling Proofing for Users."

PrS: Aug 17 


GA: Aug 24

Proof Interactive Rich Media Files  

You can now upload and proof interactive rich media files, including ads with video streaming, banners that expand, flash elements, HTML5 animations, and applets.


Interactive content submitted as a proof can either be bundled in a .zip file or created as a URL proof.


For more information about interactive content, see "Generating a Proof for Interactive Rich Media Content" in "Creating a Proof." 


For information about how to create an interactive proof, see "Creating a Proof." 


For information about how to review an interactive proof, see "Reviewing Proofs."


NOTE You can generate a proof for interactive rich media content only if your Workfront environment is integrated with a ProofHQ Premium account. If you cannot use proofing as discussed in this section, contact your system administrator. 


PrS: Aug 17 


GA: Aug 24

Designate ProofHQ Permissions When Enabling Proofing for Users

Now when you enable a user as a proofing user within Workfront, you can choose the ProofHQ permission level for the user. This is a ProofHQ permission level that does not affect what functionality is available to the user within Workfront.


Prior to this change, when you enabled a user as a proofing user in Workfront, the user was configured with Administrator access in ProofHQ. 


For more information, see "Enabling and Disabling Proofing for Users."

PrS: Aug 17 


GA: Aug 24

Automated Workflows Are Retained on a Proof after a New Version is Added

Now when you add a new version of a proof that already contains an automated workflow, the automated workflow is retained on the proof.


Prior to this change, the automated workflow would be removed from the proof when the new proof version was added.


For more information, see "Creating a Proof."


For more information about adding workflows to a proof, see "Adding and Managing Automated Workflows for Proofs."

PrS: Aug 17 


GA: Aug 24

Exported Project, Task, and Issue Lists Contain Object Names  

Now when you export project, task, and issue lists from Workfront, object names are displayed on the exported file in the file name and in the title.


Prior to this change, a generic name was used for the exported file name and title.


For example, prior to this change, when exporting a task list from a project called "Digital Marketing," the file name and title would be "Exported Tasks." Now, "Digital Marketing" appears in the file name and title on the exported document.


For more information, see "Exporting Data."

PrS: Aug 17


GA: Aug 24

Secure Outgoing API Calls with an X.509 Certificate

Now you can secure all outgoing API calls sent from Workfront by uploading an X.509 certificate.


For more information, see "Securing Outgoing API Calls with an X.509 Certificate" in "Managing API Keys for the Workfront System."

PrS: Aug 17


GA: Aug 24

Updated Icons in the Setup Area

Icons in the Setup area have been updated with a new, more modern look and feel.

PrS: Aug 17


GA: Aug 24



Updated Email Notifications

Email notification messages you receive informing you about certain activity from Workfront are in the process of being updated.


The following email notification messages were updated this release:

  • A project you sponsor gets behind
  • A project you own gets behind
  • A task on a project you own gets behind
  • A task on a project you sponsor gets behind


The notification email has been updated with a new look and feel and now includes the following additional information:

  • Project Name
  • Name and link to the portfolio (if applicable)
  • Reference number
  • Planned Start Date
  • Planned Completion Date
  • Projected Start Date
  • Projected Completion Date
  • Current percent completion status
  • Project Status
  • Task Status
  • Project Owner
  • Assigned To
  • Entered By
  • Project Sponsor


The Actual Start Date and Actual Completion Date are no longer included in the email notification.


The following email notification messages were updated in previous releases:

  • You are set as the Project Owner of a project


For more information about receiving email notifications, see "Receiving Email Notifications" in "Configuring Email Notifications." 

PrS: Aug 17


GA: Aug 24

Notifications Link Directly to the Message in the Update Stream

Now when you click a notification either from the notification bubble in the Global Navigation Bar or from an email notification, you are taken directly to that message in the update stream on the object.


Prior to this change, you were taken to the appropriate object (task or issue), but you had to manually scroll to the specific notification in the update stream.


For more information about viewing notifications, see "Using In-App Notifications."

PrS: Aug 17


EA: Aug 24


GA: Sept 28

Hour Entries on the Timesheet Have a Consistent GUID

Now when you change the hour type for a timesheet entry, the GUID remains the same. This makes reporting on timesheet entries consistent.


Prior to this change, any time you changed the hour type on an hour entry, the GUID for that entry would be changed.

NOTE This functionality is available only within the Preview Sandbox environment


PrS: Aug 24




GA: Sept 28

Currently in EA (Prioritized by GA Release Date)  
Improved Documents Area: Advanced Proofing Options

The following advanced proofing options are now available in Workfront:


NOTE: These features are available only to customers who have stand-alone access to ProofHQ with a Premium license in order to access advanced proofing features in Workfront. (If you do not have access to ProofHQ with a Premium license, this functionality is not available.)


EA: Jan 23


GA: Aug 24

 Create a New Version of a URL Proof 

Now you can create a new version of a URL proof.


Prior to this change, you had to create a new URL proof.


For more information, see "Generating a New Version of an Existing Proof" in "Creating a Proof."


PrS: July 20


EA: July 27


GA: Aug 24

Share an Agile View for a Project

Now you can share an agile view you create with other users.


For more information about how to share a View, see "Sharing a Filter, View, or Grouping."


PrS: July 20


EA: July 27


GA: Aug 24

 Export the New Gantt Chart to PDF

You can now export the new Gantt chart to PDF. This enables you to print the Gantt chart, email it, and so forth.


Prior to this change, you could export only the legacy Gantt chart to PDF.


For more information, see "Exporting the Gantt Chart to PDF."


PrS: July 20


EA: July 27


GA: Aug 24

Custom Status Group Enhancements

The following improvements were made regarding custom statuses:

  • Create unique statuses and apply them to a specific group.
    Prior to this change, statuses could only be created and applied globally.
  • The system administrator can now create a status and lock it, which makes the custom statuses global.
  • The system administrator can create a custom status and leave it unlocked. This allows a status to be shared with a specific group. The group owner can then customize the status to fit their own group needs.
  • Group Owners can now create unique custom statuses for the groups they own.
    Prior to this change, only a system administrator could create and share custom statuses.
  • UI improvements when creating custom statuses.
    There have been some updates to the interface when creating a new status or editing existing statuses. This is to make the interface consistent with the look and feel of other areas of Workfront.

For more information, see "Creating and Customizing Statuses." 

Update the following articles at GA:

-Project Statuses

-Task Statuses

NOTE This functionality is available only within the Preview Sandbox environment


PrS: May 14




GA: Sept 28

Control Access to Custom Forms 

You can now control who has access to a custom form by granting access to individual users, teams, roles, groups, or companies.


Prior to this change, you could grant access only to groups.


For more information, see "Creating Custom Forms."


NOTE This functionality is available only within the Preview Sandbox environment


PrS: Jan 23




GA: Sept 28

See Document Updates

 Reorder Columns in Any List with Drag-and-Drop

You can change the order of columns in any list by dragging a column from one location and dropping it in another.


This is especially useful when viewing the Gantt chart and the list view simultaneously and the column that you want to view is not displayed on the left side of the page. 


For more information, see "Modifying Column Width and Order."

EA: Feb 20



 Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

The Workfront Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud is designed to allow you to save and export assets you create in the Creative Cloud to Workfront, thereby speeding up the approval and review process.


For more information, see "Workfront Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud."


Add-On available for download: April




August 2016 Product Release Webinar

The August 2016 Release Webinar was presented by the Workfront Release Readiness team on August 17, 2016. This webinar is designed to help you better understand and fully benefit from the new features releasing in August 2016.

The webinar recording is available here:

Demo Videos

Improved Documents Area

The new Documents area in Workfront was released to Early Access on January 23, 2016.

Control Access to Custom Forms


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