Viewing Items in a List

Items (such as tasks, issues, and projects) are displayed throughout the Workfront interface within lists.

Understanding Lists

Examples of lists within Workfront include:

  • Projects within the Projects tab
  • Portfolios within the Portfolios tab
  • Tasks within a project
  • Issues within a project

Configuring the Number of Items to Display on a Given Page

By default, 100 items are displayed on a single page within any list in Workfront.

To configure the number of items that are displayed on a page:

NOTE Changes you make to the number of items to display on a page are reverted when you log out of Workfront or close your browser. Changes might also be reverted after a period of 8 hours.

  1. Navigate to the list where you want to modify the number of items that are displayed per page.
  2. Click the Showing drop-down menu, then select to display 100, 250, 500, All, or 2000 if the list contains more than 2,000 items.
This article last updated on 2016-10-18 14:14:38 UTC