How to Compare Fields in Conditional Formatting


Sometimes you may want to compare two different fields and use conditional formatting to highlight when specific criteria is met (ie. if the Actual Start Date of a task is after the Planned Start Date)


  1. From the Columns (View) tab of your report, select the column to apply the conditional formatting to
  2. Click on the Advanced Options link in the upper right hand corner then choose 'Add a Rule for this Column'
  3. Enter the initial criteria using existing values found in the builder and specify your formatting then click Add Rule, then Save: 
  4. Select the column you're working with and click the Switch to Text Mode link
  5. Click to edit the text mode then add in this line with the field you're comparing against after the equal sign: <field to compare> 
  6. Change the righttext= value to match your rightmethod= value as shown above.
  7. Save your changes and the column will now highlight those fields that meet your criteria.
This article last updated on 2017-12-14 22:04:01 UTC