Reviewing a Proof in the Legacy Proofing Viewer

IMPORTANT The information in this article refers to functionality that is currently deprecated and will be removed from Workfront in 2018. For more information, see "Legacy Proofing Viewer to be Removed in 2018.3."

For information about reviewing a proof in the Web Proofing Viewer, see "Reviewing Proofs in the Web Proofing Viewer."


Proofing Interactive Content

Interactive proofs can be viewed in all supported browsers. However, to add comments with markups and screen captures, you must have the Workfront Proof Rich Media Review extension installed in your browser. Without the extension, you can only add comments without the markups.

The extension is available for the following browsers:

The extension installation can be triggered from the Workfront Proof Viewer directly after clicking the Add Comment button (browser restart may be required) via the alert screen. 

  • When viewing interactive content, you cannot use the Navigation tools (i.e. Zoom, Rotation, Measurement tool, Pan, or Fit to). However, all these functions are available in Add Comment mode if the content is captured as a static image, as described in "Proofing Static Content."

When proofing interactive URLs:

  • Be wary of version management whenever the actual creative content is changed on the server.
  • It is not possible to review the live interactive content for older versions unless each version is placed under a different URL. In cases of the same URLs, the live content displayed in the proofing tool updates for older proof versions as well. 
  • When proofing HTTP interactive content, make sure that Mixed Content is allowed in your browser.
    The proofing tool connects over HTTPS. If your external resources load over HTTP, the browser detects this as Mixed Content and might block it, depending on the browser settings. 

Proofing Static Content

  1. Navigate to the document that contains the proof you want to review, then click Proof.
    The proofing tool is launched. 
  2. Click the Add Comment button located at the top of the proofing area. 
  3. A comment box and tool bar appears. Select the tool needed to highlight or mark the document within the proofing tool.
  4. (Optional) Upload files to a comment by clicking the Attach File icon within the Add Comment box.
  5. Mouse over the comment area where the user's name appears. The Edit and Delete options appear.
  6. Click a comment in the sidebar to display that comment on the document. 
  7. Use the lower-right toolbar to make various changes to the proof.

    Options include (in order, from the left): 
    • Panning or moving the image 
    • Zooming in 
    • Scaling the document to fit the screen 
    • Select percentage of zoom
    • Fit to page
    • Fit to width
    • Zoom to 100% 
    • Rotate the document 
    • Measure a specific area 

Any comments made on the document appear in the stream of your Workfront instance, on the Details tab of the document. Proof Comments are marked to distinguish them from document updates.

You can specify if the comment has been resolved by clicking the check mark at the bottom of the comment box. A green check box appears on the comment.

You can select the auto-pixel icon to highlight in red any changes made to the proof.

Each time users upload a different version of a document to the Workfront Digital Proofing tool, a new proof is generated.
You can toggle between each version to see the changes and progress made on the proof.
You can also view different versions side-by-side by clicking the compare button (upper right).

You can remove the most recent version of a proof, but previous versions cannot be deleted. Use the Remove Proof button in the Workfront document list to remove a proof. 

If you do not want additional comments made on a proof, you can lock it by selecting the lock proof icon, in the upper left corner of the proofing screen.

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