SSO in New Preview Environment

New Preview Beta Sandbox SSO Impact

With this change to the new Address you should see little to no impact in the setup process. If you already have a SSO set up in your preview Sandbox, you will need to create a new connection for the new Preview Beta Sandbox. To set up you can follow the setup processes below.

Configuring Workfront with SAML 2.0

Configuring Workfront with SAML 2.0 Using ADFS




If you are using a external application to Manage Single Sign On and they have a App  configured for Workfront with an option to setup for Sandbox this App may no longer function.(Example - OKTA). This is because the APP may be configured to connect to the old sandbox URL and may not have an option to configure the Domain you are connecting to.

In these cases you will need to configure a new connection pointing to the correct URL.