Migrating from AtTask OnPremise to Workfront OnDemand

Migrating from OnPremise to OnDemand

Below is the process for migrating to Workfront's Hosted onDemand solution. To begin, please contact your CSM or CAE to schedule an introductory call.


Pre-flight planning action items

  1. Customer expectations of production migration
  2. Propose tentative pre-flight dates based on database team’s current workload
  3. Gather a feel for the size and complexity of the customer's data / needs
  • database platform (mysql, sql server, oracle)
  • size of data (database / documents)
  • software version
  • data delivery (ftp / sneaker net)
  • API integration plans

Production planning action items


  1. Propose tentative migration dates
  2. Review migration timings and plan / manage our detailed assumptions based on the migration plan
  3. Determine communication matrix
  4. Document milestones and action items


Customer Expectations


  1. When ready to begin migration process, Customer will need to provide a backup of their SQL database and a Zipped up copy of all of their documents
  2. This will be provided to Workfront via our FTP Server
  3. Once Customer data has been provided, Workfront DBAs will move this data to the migrate test server at the agreed upon time. Once this migration has finished, Customer will be able to access this new test data at
  4. Customer will take the necessary time to test and ensure that all data is present and that they understand the new system.
  5. Once testing has been completed, a final migration can be scheduled where a new set of documents and SQL backups will be required.
    1. If it has been more than 30 days since the last test migration was completed, another test migration will need to occur.