Map User Attributes and Tips


This Article will explain the different Areas of the Map User Attributes for SSO



A. Workfront Attribute you want to Map.

B. SSO Attribute Label

C. Default value (This what workfront will set if no value is presented or the value is NULL during the connection)

D.Comparison Selector for Advanced Mapping

E.Comparison Test

F.Value to set if Comparison Test is True

G. Button to add additional Comparisons

H. Button to add additional Mappings



  1. Attribute Mappings work on a 1 to 1 Ratio 2 to 1 will not work. (Example cannot set every Group a user Belongs to)
  2. We do not recommend Mapping Access Levels in the Attribute Mappings
  3. Default Values will be Set if no value is detected or no Comparisons return True (If you do map Access levels be careful setting a default value as it is possible to remove Admin Access)
  4. Attribute Mappings Happen on each Login it is not just used during Auto Provisioning
  5. Use a non system Admin account for Testing.
This article last updated on 2017-11-09 18:54:31 UTC