Unable to Change Hour Types for Tasks on Timesheets


User's are finding they are unable to use the drop down for hour types when on a timesheet. The other hour type options no longer appear and the task is marked with the Task time hour type.


The following workarounds are available:

The user may go directly to the project the task are assigned to, select Edit project, go to Settings and select the "No" option/value for the Filter Hour Types setting found on the project. This will need to be done for each project the user's tasks are coming from.

The other work around is the users can change the hour type directly on the Task itself by using the Hours tab to enter in hours or the Log Time link found above the update field for the task


The fix for this was deployed by development with the September 28, 2016 release.

This article last updated on 2017-11-10 18:45:27 UTC