Agile Error: “Cannot add task to Personal Task"


Including a new story under an existing story (Task) user receives Error "Cannot add task to Personal Task"

On the Backlog tab, select the check box for the story “StoryOne”, then select the button “Breakdown Story”. When attempting to add stories, the error message occurs.


The story "StoryOne" is a Personal Task the user created and assigned to the Agile Team.
The Agile process uses project tasks and not personal tasks.

You can confirm this by:
1) looking at the Agile Team > Backlog tab at the StoryOne task (story) the Parent column will be blank.
2) open the StoryOne task (story) and in the upper left there will not be a Project Name. A personal task does not display the project name whereas a non-personal task will always display the project name.

This article last updated on 2016-09-28 16:59:37 UTC