Some Tasks Do Not Appear on the Timesheet


Some tasks do not appear on the timesheet even though they meet all the timesheet criteria. 



In general, timesheets show items that meet the criteria defined in Setup > Timesheets & Hours > Preferences (as described in "Timesheet and Hour Preferences").

In addition to items that meet these criteria, timesheets also show additional items where no hours are logged within the range of the timesheet. The number of such items is limited to 45 by default. If there are more than 45 such items the system shows only some of them. Items remain on the timesheet based on their last update date, meaning that the ones with the latest update date stay and the others disappear from the timesheet.

To view items on the timesheet that have disappeared:

  1. Alter the Timesheet preferences for the items that pre-populate on the timesheet so that fewer items appear on the timesheet, as described in "Timesheet and Hour Preferences."
  2. Pin any items to the timesheet that you want to remain on the timesheet, as described in "Timesheet" in "Logging Time."
This article last updated on 2018-05-21 20:41:23 UTC