Workfront Proof User Permissions

Workfront Proof Profile Permissions 

(Administrator, Supervisor, Manager) are assigned to the users in the user settings and they work the same on ALL the proofs created on a particular account.


  • If I'm a PHQ Supervisor/Adiminstrator I can view and edit ALL the proofs created in my company account
  • If I'm a PHQ Manager I can view and edit the proofs I created and I own, and I can only view the proofs of other users if I'm explicitly added there as a collaborator in the proof workflow
  • If I'm a user from another account I cannot edit any proofs and I can see only the ones shared with me explicitly from that account


PHQ Proof Roles 

(Reviewer, Reviewer&Approver, Author, Moderator) are assigned to the collaborators on a particular proof and these permissions work for this particular proof only


  • If I'm a Reviewer on a proof I can only make comments
  • If I'm an Approver I can only submit decisions (I can't see comments button)
  • If I'm an Author I can make comments, decisions, add new collaborators to the proofs, create new versions

Quite simple


So where we can have confusion? User permissions and proof roles overlap so users with different profile permissions can be assigned to the proofs with different roles.



  • I'm a Manager added as an Author to somebody else's proof - I can only edit my own proofs as per my user profile, but because I'm an Author I can add other collaborators to this proof and I can create a new version in this proof set
  • I'm an Administrator added as a Reviewer to somebody else's proof - I'm opening the proof and I can see only the Comments button inside the Workfront Proof Viewer, but because I'm an Administrator on this account I can edit the proof settings and change myself to a Reviewer and Approver to start seeing the Decisions button. Also because I'm an Administrator I don't have to adjust anything to be able to add new versions and collaborators

Note: Non-proofing users cannot be added to the proofs as Authors or Moderators


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