PST Files in Workfront and Outlook Calendars


Question: Why a PST file is used for Workfront calender? Workfront information in Outlook calendar is not enabled due to the error “PST Files are disabled. The Workfront calendar could not be enabled due to restrictions applied by your system administrator”.


Possible reasons:

  1. You are using an archiving system for your internal mail system
  2. You forbid to create new Outlook PST files via group policy
  3. You have a corporate policy not be allowed to use PST files. 
  4. In your network you have installed "Office Administrative Templates (ADMX, ADML) and Office Customization Tool" which allows system admin to enable a group policy to restrict using PST or PST grow.


  1. Please check with your IT to verify this. For more information see
  2. If this restriction is enabled the users may experience a blocking with viewing calendars. 
  3. To show Workfront information in calendar we store the information in PST file, if it's disabled we can't do that so you need to ENABLE PST files.