Working with Templates Scheduled from Completion

Facts to remember when working with templates scheduled from Completion Date:

  • Changing the Start Day sets the task restraint to Must Start On.
  • Changing the Completion Day sets the task restraint to Must Finish On.
  • When the template is scheduled from Completion Day, the task Constraint Day is calculated from the Completion Day.
    Example: Your template's duration is 285 days, and you have a template task with duration 60 days. If you set the task constraint to Must Start On and constraint day to 120, you will end up with Start Day 165 (285 - 120) and Completion Day 225 (165 + 60). So when you edit the Start Day, it is actually being interpreted as Constraint Day.
This article last updated on 2018-05-30 19:22:33 UTC