Configuring Which Status Is Chosen When Clicking Done on a Work Item

In addition to removing completed work items from your Working On list and sending them to the Accomplishments tab, the Done button can automatically set the status of a task or an issue.

By default, Workfront marks a task as Complete and an issue as Resolved when an assignee clicks Done on their work item. 

As a system administrator or a Plan license user, you can change which status is applied to the work item or what status options appear on the Done button when you click this button on a work item, if you want more than one status associated with the Done button.

Understanding the Done Button and Teams

You can customize the status or statuses associated with the Done button within the work context of each team.

To associate the Done button with one or more statuses for a given team, you must edit the team settings for that team.

When the team is assigned as the Home Team of a user, the users on that team can use the Done button to change their work item statuses to the ones selected for their team, when their items are completed. 

Associating the Done Button with One or More Statuses

  1. Navigate to the People area on the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the Teams tab. 
  3. Choose the team in the upper-left corner.
  4. Click Team Settings in the upper-right corner.
  5. Find the Done Button section at the bottom of the Team Settings page.
  6. Select one status or more than one status for each work item type.
    NOTE: Consider the following when selecting statuses:
    • Only default and custom system-level statuses can be chosen to associate with the Done button. Group-specific custom statuses are not available as options for work item statuses.
    • Issue types are customizable and they might have different names than listed below in your environment.
      Following are the default tasks and issue types:
      Change Order
      Bug Report
    IMPORTANT: When you select one status for each type of work item, the task or issue status is set to that status when a user clicks Done on their item. If you select multiple statuses for each type of work item, a drop-down menu is added to your Done button and you have to pick a status from this menu when you click Done to change the status on your work item.
    If the task or issue is assigned to multiple users, you see a "Done with my part" option in the drop-down menu, in addition to the multiple statuses chosen for your team.
    For more information on the functionality of "Done with my part", see "Done Button."
  7. Click Save Changes.

Associating Users with a Home Team

To make the changes to the Done button functionality visible to users, you can make the team whose settings you changed the Home Team of the users. 

To associate users with a Home Team:

  1. Navigate to the People area on your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Select the user or users that you want to associate with the Home Team.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. In the Organization section, select the Home Team field. Start typing the name of the team whose settings you want to associate with the users. Click the name of the team when you see it in the list.
  6. Click Save Changes.
    The users you selected are now associated with a Home Team.  
    Any team settings, including the statuses associated with the Done button are now visible to these users. 

 Audited 6/27/2018


This article last updated on 2018-06-27 21:56:06 UTC