Maintenance Update on September 28, 2016
The following customer-reported issues were addressed.
These issues are available in the Preview environment prior to being made generally available in the OnDemand environment:
Preview: September 21, 2016
Generally available: September 28, 2016 


Ref # Name Application Area
8394118 If the browser language is set to English (Australian) during the inline edit of the Date if the date starts with 0 when pressing Tab the day and the month reverse In-Line Edit
16091894 IE 11 - Changing the width of columns in a dashboard (Works in Chrome) Views
17225632 "Submit" button not available in Business Case for custom status equal to Planning Business Case
17525019 Document Versions and Approvals lost after converting an issue to a project Documents
16813427 Group Warning Messages Setup
16817942 Planned Hours Change When Making Change to Assignments Project Management
17226457 Questions about template set up MyWork
17180491 Error message when selecting to work on request Access Levels/Security
17227529 Task's Time Types are not consistent between task and timesheet Time Tracking
17122683 Report displayed in project original currency Report Results
17207726 Adding User to Workfront Preference fields are showing blank. User Details
17206654 A project is showing in Pending Approval state in My Work with no requestor or approval stage. There is no pending approval directly on the project Approvals
17203379 restore project from sandbox Kick Start
16805496 Approval request is being cancelled when a document in pending state is being shared with a user Documents
17185044 API call for document download fail - Due to deprecated isDir field API, Documents
17180786 Auto Complete tracking mode does not throw an error message when added to a task with an approval process, but does when a user attempts to remove the task's approval process. Task Detail
16802108 Message Keys visible in email Email Processing
17190836 Custom form does not load on certain issues. Custom Data
16326233 Report Error ofLet's try that again. The following fields are invalid: actualCompletionDate can be no later than year 2200 give on project report (RequestID: 572cc3f40005c21ad1d7978c42a4694e). Project Management
17183356 In the project with Manual Only update type the system doesn't allow to set the constraint Start No Earlier Than Project Management
17226803 'My Work' is not displaying all items for many users MyWork
16481723 Search returns invalid number of projects Search
17170982 User gets error when trying to submit issue Queues
17160854 Trouble with the swap user function and Allocation % values found on tasks using Effort driven Duration Type Task Detail
17166833 Null error When bulk editing expenses from a report result list Project Management, Billing
17204825 Sandbox environment - layout change? Login, Sandbox/Preview
16515924 Discrepancy between chart/summary and details pages in report Report Results
17229447 Using IE10 the select file button does not resopend when trying to import MS Project File Project Management
17207662 IE11: Email Notifications settings in user profile User Details
17208687 Bulk Edit of Tasks/Issues Results in ALL Teams being removed Bulk Edit
17207486 HTML Email Report Delivery not displaying correctly Report Results
16809006 Even though the kickstarted project is created from template it doesn't take the template setting for condition type Kick Start
16809354 Sorting on a column isnt working in IE Lists
16946239 Custom form attributes not carrying over from template to project Custom Data
16495285 Project Billable hours not showing all when adding billable hours Project Management
8724840 Rendering - Gantt Chart Horiz Scroll Project Management, Lists, Gantt
17208686 Tasks re-appear in My Work area after the project's status is changed from Current to Planning and back to Current MyWork
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