Merging and Splitting Instances

As companies themselves merge and split up it poses an interesting question about what to do with their Workfront instance(s). Currently we do not have any functionality to easily do this within the application. We do have partners that offer services that do an excellent job of both merging and splitting instances. We also have customers asking about other possibilities for accomplishing this. We have outlined some of these options below with an explanation for the pros and cons those options.


Kickstarts: Kickstarts are meant for small imports and exports. Attempting to kickstart half of the entire data structure both out of the current system and into the new one would require a massive amount of manual work and data manipulation and it would likely still not provide a solid dataset on the new instance


Database SQL Dump: In our article “How do I get my data out of Workfront” one of the options is for our Database team to provide you with an Oracle dump of your information. This is meant to be used for taking your data to another system or for archival purposes. We do not have any ability to import data from a SQL dump file into a new instance.


Copy instance: This has been tried in the past but was discovered that there were many other unforeseen problems that required massive amounts of work by our DBAs and because of those we are no longer able to perform clones of existing instances.


API: Through the API it is possible to extract out and move information from one instance to another using the API but there is not any best practices for how to do this and Workfront would not be able to provide much support for doing this. Additionally it would require a substantial amount of coding.

Partners: Workfront’s partners are the only ones to offer comprehensive solutions for merging and splitting instances. Please talk to you sales rep to get in learn more about this option.