Creating Timesheets

Understanding Timesheets

Timesheets enable you to track the time that users spend on work. 

You can log time in Workfront in a variety of ways, usually at the level of the project, task, or issue where the work is performed. The time logged against tasks, issues, and projects also displays in your timesheet. 

You can also log time for non-project work, under general hours, and this time can only be recorded in your timesheet. 

For more information about logging time in Workfront, see "Recording Time."

Creating a Timesheet

For consistency in your system, we recommend that you create your timesheets by using Timesheet Profiles. This is an automatic way of creating timesheets for your users.
For more information about Timesheet Profiles, see "Creating Timesheet Profiles."

You can also manually create a single-use timesheet.
Timesheets created manually are not recurring. When the end date of the timesheet is reached and more timesheets are needed, you need to create a new timesheet. 

NOTE You do not have the ability to specify what general hour types to include in your timesheet. All general hour types that are activated in your system display in timesheets created manually. If you want to select only certain general hour types to display in your timesheets, use a timesheet profile. For more information about timesheet profiles, see "Creating Timesheet Profiles."

To create a timesheet:

  1. Navigate to the Timesheet area in your Global Navigation Bar. 
  2. Click Back to Timesheets.
  3. Select the All Timesheets tab.
  4. Click New Timesheet.
  5. Specify the following information:
    Create timesheet for: Start entering the name of the user for whom you are creating the timesheet, and click it when it appears in the list.
    Start Date: This is the start date of the timesheet.
    End Date: This is the end date of the timesheet.
    Approvers: Approvers are users who approve the timesheet for the users associated with the timesheet. Only users with timesheet administrative rights can be set as approvers. For more information about timesheet administrative rights, see "Administrative Access."
    Start entering the names of the timesheet approvers and click them when they appear in the list. 
    You can have multiple approvers on a timesheet. In this case, after one of the approvers approves the timesheet, the timesheet is marked as Closed and it disappears from the timesheet approvals list of all the remaining approvers. 
    Can edit hours: Select this option if you want to allow approvers to edit hours on the timesheet. 
  6. Click Create Timesheet.





This article last updated on 2018-01-26 15:02:29 UTC