2017 Release Changes FAQ


NOTE This article was last updated in November 2017.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with Workfront. In an effort to continue to deliver amazing functionality, and with a goal of making the Workfront releases less disruptive for you, we are announcing a change in the timing of our releases.

Beginning in early 2017, we are changing our release cadence. Rather than making functionality generally available in production each month, Workfront will have 3 major releases a year. However, to give you earlier insight into what will be delivered in each release, we will continue to release to the Preview environment regularly.

Our frequency for releasing patches and bug fixes will not change; patches will still be delivered regularly to Production.

We will send frequent updates regarding these important changes through the Announcement Center and our support site.

2017 Release Changes

Q: What is the new release schedule?
A: There are two sets of releases: new features, and patches:
• New feature releases: New features will be released to the Preview environment prior to being released to Production. They will be released to Production only three times a year, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (a definitive release date has not yet been established). 
There will be no functionality released to Early Access in 2017. The Early Access environment has been retired. 
• Releases for patches and bug fixes: Patches and bug fixes will continue to be released to Production on a regular basis. 

Q: Is there a ‘lock-down’ period when nothing will be released to Preview before a major release to Production?
A: Yes. A month before a major release to Production, we will stop releasing new features to the Preview environment.  Bug fixes will continue in Preview as issues are addressed during that month.

Q: How often will patch releases be available?
A: We will continue to regularly release patches to the Production environment. You can see a list of all maintenance updates HERE.

Q: How often will I see new features?

A: New features will be released to the Production environment three times a year. We will release new features regularly to the Preview environment. You can use the Preview environment to test new features, become familiar with them, and train your users prior to features being made available in the Production environment.

What Does This Mean to Me?

Q: Who will be affected by the new release schedule?
A: Everyone. This includes all Workfront users, both administrators and end-users.

Q: What will happen to Early Access releases?
A: No new features will be released to Early Access in 2017. All remaining features in Early Access have been moved to General Access in the Production environment in early 2017. 

Q: What will users in Early Access see?
A: The Early Access environment has been retired and is no longer accessible.

Q: What will happen with the setting “Give … users early access to features before they are released to the public?” (in Setup > System > Preferences.) Will this setting be removed?
A: This functionality has been removed from Workfront and no users can be enrolled in Early Access any longer. 

Q: Can I log bugs on what I see in Preview?
A: Yes. Please do. As new features are added to Preview, please test them and log any questions or concerns you have around them with your regular support contact.

Training and documentation

Q: How will I find out about the new feature releases?
A: First, watch your Announcement Center notifications. We will notify you when a new feature release is available in Preview. Second, we will continue to have regular webinars where we announce any new features that are available in Preview.

Q: How will I find out about the patch releases?

A: Visit the Maintenance Updates page as often as you need to. We will post all the new patch releases there, as they occur.

Q: How will I find out about what new features are being released to Preview, right now?
A: Visit the Product Announcement page and the most current releases are always listed at the very beginning of that page. 

Q: How do I sign up for a webinar?
A: Keep an eye on your Announcement Center announcements. We will send a link to sign up for the webinars before they occur. These announcements are sent to your system administrator. If you are not a system administrator, talk with your system administrator and ask them to forward the announcements to you. 

Q: Will new functionality be documented as they are made available in the Preview environment?
A: Yes. We will continue to update the Product Announcements area of our support site with the latest information on new functionality as it is available in Preview.

Q: Can I test the new functionality and train my users on it before it releases to Production?
A: Yes. This is exactly what the Preview environment is for: you can see the new features released to Preview regularly.

Q: Will there be any training for the new features?
A: Yes.  In addition to the information added to the Product Release pages, we will continue to provide short demo video on the new functionality.  We will also continue the monthly release webinars to review all the activity for the last month, what is coming soon, and answer any questions.

Not Finding Your Answer?

If you have any more questions about the new release cadence, please leave us feedback below and we will continue to improve this page. 

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