Receiving Email Invitations and Creating a Password for Workfront

Receiving Email Invitations

When you create a new user and choose to send the user an email invitation, the new user receives an invitation email, which looks similar to the following:

For more information about sending email invitations as you create new users, see "Managing Email Invitations."

For more information about adding new users to Workfront, see "Creating New Users."

Creating a Password for Workfront

As a new user, after you receive the invitation email, you can follow the link in the email invitation and finish creating your Workfront account by choosing a password. 

NOTE The link in the email is valid only the amount of days specified in the general options area of the Invitations page by your system administrator. 

To create a password for Workfront using the invitation email:

  1. Click Get Started in the invitation email from Workfront.
    For more information about receiving an invitation email, see "Receiving Email Invitations."
  2. Specify the following information:
    First Name: Your first name (This field should be prefilled).
    Last Name: Your last name (it should be prefilled).
    Title: Your title in your organization. 
    Password: Choose a password to log in to Workfront.
    Confirm Password: Confirm your Workfront password. 
  3. Select I accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click Log Me In.
    This completes the creation of your user account in Workfront. 

Audited 6/27/2018


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