Resetting User Preferences for an Individual User

As the system administrator, you can reset or remove the user preference settings for any user in the Workfront system. Individual users can also reset their own user preference settings.

Understanding Affected Settings

When resetting user preferences, some preferences are reverted to the system default, and other preferences are cleared or removed.

The following settings are affected:

Preference Status after the Reset
Views Reverted to system default
Existing Views are not deleted; you can select them again.

Reverted to system default

Existing Filters are not deleted; you can select them again


Reverted to system default

Existing Groupings are not deleted; you can select them again

Recent Items list Cleared
Favorites list Unaffected
User Preferences Reverted to system default
User-Defined Custom Tabs Removed
User-Defined Global Navigation Options Set back to layout template definition or system default if no layout template is assigned

Resetting User Preferences

  1. Log in to the Workfront system.
  2. (Conditional) If you are the Workfront administrator and you want to reset preferences for another user:
    1. Click Setup > Log In As.
    2. Begin typing the name of the user whose preferences you want to reset, then click the name when it appears in the drop-down list.
    3. Click Log In.
  3. In the URL field at the top of your web browser, add the following to the end of the current URL:
    NOTE This is case-sensitive. The U must be capitalized, and the remaining characters must be lowercase.
    For example:
  4. Press Enter.
  5. To reset all user preferences, click Reset.
    To reset only custom tabs, click Reset Tabs


This article last updated on 2017-12-15 14:22:41 UTC