Preventing Users from Downloading Documents



Steps and Considerations


Steps to Disable a Document Download

  1. Make sure the users you are disabling the Download option for either
    • Have the 'Never inherit document access from projects, tasks, issues, etc' checkbox checked in their Access Level. (See Access Level Consideration)
    • Or that the users do not have any inherited access to the document from a Portfolio, ProgramProjectTask, or Issue. 
  2. If you are viewing the uploaded Document on the Documents tab of an object, highlight the document.  Click the More drop-down, and select Share.

  3. Once the Document Access window loads,
    a. Add the required user.
    b. Click the View drop-down.
    c. Select the Advanced Settings cogwheel.
    d. Uncheck the Download checkbox option.

  4. Click the Save button, and this user will be shared View access to the Document without the ability to Download.

Access Level Consideration

There is a checkbox in user's Access Level labeled, "Never inherit document access from projects, tasks, issues, etc..."; and when it's checked, removing a user's ability to download a document should work fine.

Without this box being checked, a user will inherit access to a Document through a PortfolioProgram, Project, Task, or Issue, which do not have the sharing option to restrict downloading files.  In that case, the inherited access will still grant a user the ability to download the document, and the user would see an available Download link in the Documents tab of the senior object.  If this Access Level box isn't checked, a user needs to not have any inherited access to a document in order for the download restriction to take place.