Changes to Workfront URLs

To streamline the Workfront brand, all legacy AtTask domains in URLs are being updated with Workfront domains. All Workfront instances will use only the domain. If your organization uses AtTask domains in any URLs, those URLs will no longer work after the AtTask domains are removed. Please update the URLs for your environment as described in the following sections.

What Is Changing

Changes described in the following sections include browser bookmarks (especially the bookmark used to log in to Workfront) and any other areas where you might be referencing Workfront URLs.

Production Environment URLs

URLs for the Production environment will be updated as shown in the following table. The phases of that update are defined in the section below, "Phases and Timeframe of Changes."

NOTE: The URLs were first introduced in Production in November 2017.

Previous URL New URL

Custom Refresh Sandbox Environment URLs

NOTE: URL changes for the Custom Refresh Sandbox were made in 2016, as shown in the following table.

Previous URL New URL

domain.cr1.attasksandbox.comand and

Phases and Timeframe of Changes

Phase 1, Automatic Redirect - April 15, 2019

Users who access the * are automatically redirected to the * domain.

Phase 2, Information Page with Link - May 15, 2019

Users who access the * domain see an information page explaining this change and contains a link to the * domain.

Phase 3, Removed Access to the Old URL - June 15, 2019

Users who access the * domain see a "site has moved" page and explains that the site is now accessed by the domain.

Updating SSO Custom Metadata

If you use a SAML SSO solution to help your users access Workfront, you must complete additional steps to ensure your custom metadata is retained. If you use the Workfront APIs, you must update them with the new access URLs to avoid service interruptions when we make the final transition on May 15, 2019. For more information about updating SAML 2.0 metadata, see "Updating SAML 2.0 Metadata in Your Identity Provider."

This article last updated on 2019-01-24 22:07:23 UTC