Accessing ProofHQ from Workfront

You can quickly access your ProofHQ account directly from the Workfront interface without needing log in to ProofHQ when the following conditions are met:

If you cannot access ProofHQ as discussed in this section, contact your system administrator.

Accessing ProofHQ from the Workfront Global Navigation Bar

  1. Click the ProofHQ icon in the Global Navigation Bar.

    You are automatically logged in to your ProofHQ Premium account.

For information about functionality available after you are logged in to your ProofHQ Premium account, see the ProofHQ Help Site.

Enabling All Proofing Users to Access ProofHQ within Workfront

By default, only users with administrative rights within Workfront can access ProofHQ as described in "Accessing ProofHQ from the Workfront Global Navigation Bar."

You can configure all users to have access to the ProofHQ button within the Workfront Global Navigation Bar by contacting Workfront Support and submitting a request.

IMPORTANT If you plan to allow all Workfront users to access ProofHQ directly from the Workfront Global Navigation Bar, ensure that the permission profile you grant to the user does not provide more access than the user's access level within Workfront. Doing so ensures that the user cannot access proofs within ProofHQ that he or she does not have access to within Workfront. For information about how to configure proofing access within ProofHQ and Workfront, see "Enabling and Disabling Proofing for a User."