Proof Email Notifications

[***]There are a few different types of notifications available for the proofs and they are configured differently and on various levels:

  • Proof Made notifications - emails sent to proof creators informing that proof is ready (processing may take longer time so we inform once proof is accessible
  • New proof/New version notifications - emails sent to collaborators to inform them they are added to the proofs
    • upon proof creation
    • upon adding a new reviewer to existing proof
    • upon automated workflow stage start
  • Late proof/At risk - email notification sent on proofs where deadlines are set to inform collaborators that actions (decisions) are still required from their side and proof reaching deadline
  • Reminders - emails manually triggered by the users to re-send proof notification to the collaborators to remind them their feedback is required. Can also be sent if original message is lost.
  • Email alerts - email notifying on activity on proofs i.e. when a comment, reply or decision is made (to not confuse with the Proof Made/New proof notifications)
  • @Mentions - Separate type of email sent when a person is specifically @mentioned in a proof comment

PLEASE NOTE: All these emails can be blocked with a single option from the Account Settings level - once set, no emails are sent out even if the options are selected on proofs directly.

We do not recommend this setting if proofs are shared with non-registered Workfront or ProofHQ users, as emails are then the only access point to the proofs for these collaborators.

Proof Made

These emails can be completely disabled by the users themselves as per their profile settings. This type of message is sent to the proof creators only.

The option can be also set by the account Administrators for the other users via the Contacts page or via the Users tab in the Account Settings. At the moment this cannot be adjusted as a batch action for multiple users.

New proof/New version

These emails are sent to the recipients of the proofs and they can be controlled by the proof creators and people who add collaborators to the proofs. Recipients cannot disable this type of notifications themselves.

The notify checkbox needs to be selected:

  • upon creating a proof

  • upon adding new people

  • upon applying Automated Workflow templates (as this is also adding new recipients)


  • In the pop-up a checkbox needs to be selected in order to send a message. "Send a message" link does not state that emails will be sent. The link needs to be clicked in order to check the box and enable emails

  • If a checkbox is greyed out and non-editable it can be because the users are trying to add collaborators to a stage which haven't started yet and the settings for the whole stage were already set prior. All recipients on a stage receive the same type of notification when the stage starts.

Late proofs/At Risk

Emails sent to the recipients when the proofs are close to deadline or reaching deadline. These types of emails are not possible to disable on a proof level, but are configurable on account and user personal settings level.

Late proofs emails (when proofs are reaching deadline) - Emails are enabled by default and cannot be adjusted for the whole accounts, but users can disable these emails in their user details -> Proofing defaults

At risk emails (when proofs are close to deadline) Emails are disabled by default and can be enabled in the Account Settings. Once enabled they can also be adjusted in user details -> Proofing defaults

Account Settings (Settings tab)

User settings (Proofing defaults)


These emails are sent to the Proof Owners and to all the recipients who have assigned deadline and still haven't submitted their decisions.


If recipients didn't get their initial email notifications it is possible to re-send these messages via the Message option on a proof. You can message individuals or all people on a proofs stage

In PHQ Dashboard on the Contacts pages there are also additional options to send reminders in bulk 

  • to various people on late proofs

  • to a single recipient on all or selected proofs from the Shared items section on Contact details page

Email alerts

These notifications inform the collaborators about recent activity on the proofs, i.e comments, replies decisions, and they can be adjusted at any time by the proof Owners, Administrators or by collaborators themselves.

If the collaborators have their preferences, or account administrators have their recommendation on alerts frequency - this can be set as a Proofing default on the users details pages.

NOTE: These settings are suggested when users are creating the proofs and are adding these collaborators. However, these are suggestions only, so they can be adjusted at any time during the proofing process and the changes apply to all the activity made after the change.

The personal proofing defaults can also be suggested differently if a user is added to a proof not as an individual but in a predefined Group or in Automated Workflow template - in these separate proofing defaults can be set for the collaborators and the settings override the personal defaults.

Personal proofing defaults

Contact proofing defaults

When you change your own Email alert setting in your proofing defaults you have an additional option to update all the existing proofs shared with you in the pop-up

Automated Workflow templates

Please note: despite the defaults the email alerts can still be changed on the existing proofs

To change email alerts for a particular recipient in a batch action:

  1. Go to Contacts page
  2. Locate the contact
  3. open the details page
  4. scroll down to the Shared items section
  5. Select all items of your choice
  6. Choose Change email alert from the More menu


These messages are not configurable and cannot be disabled, unless the account level setting disabled all the email notifications for proofing. 

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