Transferring Custom Form Data from Issues and Tasks to Tasks or Projects


Depending on the business needs of your organization, the work defined in a task or an issue might become too large to manage it within the task or the issue. In this case, you can convert them to a larger work item. 

You can convert the following items in Workfront:

To Transfer Custom Form data from an issue to a task or project, you must complete the following sections in order:


Copying the Custom Form

You can retain custom form data on a task or issue you want to convert. Because the custom form data must be an exact match on the converted item, it is best practice to duplicate the form and attach it to the new object.

You must be a system administrator or have a Plan license to be able to copy custom forms.

To copy a custom form for an issue and save it as a custom form for a task or project:

  1. Navigate to the Setup area of your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Custom Forms.
  3. Select an Issue custom form, then click Copy.
  4. In the Custom Form Copy dialog box, specify a name for the new form.
  5. From the Form Type drop-down menu, select the object for which you want to create the new custom form.
    EXAMPLE If you want to transfer the custom form data to a project, select Project.
  6. Click Copy Form.
    This creates an identical copy of the Issue custom form. This new custom form can now be attached to a task or project as described in the following section.

Converting an Issue or Task and Transferring Custom Form Data

To transfer custom form data from an issue to a task or project as you are converting the issue:

  1. Copy the custom form on the task or issue you are converting. For more information, see  "Copying the Custom Form."
  2. Navigate to the issue you want to convert. 
    For more information about converting issues, see "Converting Issues."
  3. Expand Issue Actions, then select Convert to Task.
  4. In the Convert to Task dialog box, click the Add Forms drop-down menu and select the form you copied in the previous section.
    The information captured in the custom fields of the issue is now transferred to the custom form on the task.
  5. Click Save Changes


This links to the Converting Issues, and Converting a Task to a Project articles.

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