AtTask OnPremise Support Policy


Workfront moved to a 100% Software-As-A-Service model and stopped selling on-premise software on December 31, 2011. As of 2014, AtTask OnPremise is no longer supported, with the exception of license key-related problems. The on-premise application is no longer available to download or install.

If you already have the application and need to re-install OnPremise, download the installation guide here.

OnPremise optimization tips can be found here

To learn more about reporting in AtTask OnPremise, click here.  

Download instructions on SSL/TSL setup here.  

Updating the OnPremise License Key

If you need a new license key, call Workfront Customer Support at 844-306-HELP(4357).

Once you have obtained a new license key,

  1. Stop the atTask server.
  2. Rename the current license.key file (located in the AtTaskDoc folder).
  3. Copy the new license.key file into place.
  4. Restart the atTask Server.

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