Workfront 2018.1 Release Webinars

These webinars focus on all the new functionality coming in the 2018.1 release. The 2018.1 release will be available in Preview for about one month before releasing to Production in early March.

Workfront 2018.1 Release Webinar - Part 1

This webinar was presented on February 6, 2018.

The webinar focused on the following topics:

  • Home area enhancements
  • Gantt chart enhancements
  • Agile enhancements
  • Utilization report enhancements
  • New Portfolio Optimizer
  • Report usage information
  • Usability improvements
  • Administrator enhancements

Webinar Q&A


When this is in Production (March 2018), will users still have access to the legacy My Work interface?


Will updates still be included in the Home area?

We are working toward parity of the current My Work area. This will be coming in a later update.

Will there still be a “Ready to Start” function?

Yes, “Ready to Start” is coming soon!

In the Work List, how can a resource distinguish if a task is ready to start or not?

When you hover over a task in the Work List, it will say “Work On It” if the task is ready to start. If the task is active, there will be an option to mark it Done. This experience will be improved to make the distinction more clear with the 18.1 release.

Where can you see the priority for tasks in the My Work view?

Currently, this functionality is not available in the Home tool. However, we are working towards parity between My Work and Home.

Will the Work List show pending proof approvals as well as a list of proofs needed for Review Only?

We are working on improving the experience for approvals. Currently only pending proof approvals display. Including Review Only proofs in My Work is on our roadmap.

Can you select the default view and show fields for users?

This is available via the layout template.

When will the option to continue using My Work go away?

Not for several releases. We will be sure to communicate with all customers far in advance so you have time to plan and prepare before we sunset My Work.

Can you search for completed items?

Yes, you can select the “Show Complete” box.

Can the "New Task" button be turned off?

Not at this point.

Will the Request button be able to pull from the global Request Queue, or does it act like requests placed when navigating to a team or person?

It acts like requests sent to a person, similar to how My Work is currently functioning.

Do you have to be on the exact date that the work was completed to be able to search for the completed item?

It will span a timeline of a week.

Can you show the Proof area on the Home page?

The Home area will show Proof Approvals.

Can you add fields from related objects, like in a task view?

Yes, you can add fields from the related objects.

Can you show custom fields from the project that the tasks are on in the Home Area work list?

Yes, you should be able to show that information using Parent Field from the Layout Template.

Will you be able to configure the My Work area to show items assigned directly on the calendar by default, instead of having to accept the work first?

When we have the calendar view available, users can automatically move work to the calendar.

How will the Home update be applied? Does it have to be done manually, or will it be automatic?

You will stay legacy until you select the option to move to the new Home interface.

Will we be able to have a calendar view in the new Home section?

Yes, the calendar view is planned for later this year.

For Proof Approvals on the Home page, what details will be seen in the right-hand corner? Will it show the active proof stages and the different users’ individual status?

Yes, admins can configure the items that should show up for approvals in the layout template. I believe that includes the proof stages.


Gantt Chart

When editing in the Gantt chart, is the autocalculation suspended until I click Save?

Yes, that is correct.

When applying resource leveling in the Gantt chart, what happens if a user is over allocated but constrained by project timeline to remain over allocated?

The leveling won't change the dates.



Will statuses used in agile workflows now be able to be assigned specifically to groups?

Groups are not available in agile right now.

How are the dates manipulated on issues for the agile backlog?

Dates are manipulated the same way on the backlog for issues that tasks are. Users can apply a custom filter, view, or grouping to show the dates they want to see: Planned, Actual Start, and Completion.

Can iterations be scheduled in blocks?

Currently, iterations cannot be scheduled in blocks. We do have that functionality on the roadmap for a future release.

Is there documentation for all of the agile updates?

Yes, you can find that documentation on the 2018.1 Release Activity Page.



Do views within the dashboard count as a view?

Yes, those do count as views.

Does the Report Usage view apply to documents?

No, this is only for report views.

Does the Report Usage view count external page renders?

No, this is only for reports.

Are there plans to allow tracking by custom quarters?

Not yet.

What is counted as a view in Report Usage?

Each time a report is displayed on a dashboard or a custom tab, it is counted as a view for the user who is displaying the report. Workfront will not collect usage data for built-in or delivered reports.

How does Report Usage views work in Preview?

Report Usage only counts views in the Preview environment and l does not count any data prior to the current beta release.


Portfolio Optimizer

Can you sort by custom data on the new Portfolio Optimizer?


Have you changed how projects are reordered within the Portfolio Optimizer?

No. It is still a drag and drop.


Group Administration

What license does a user need to be a group administrator?

Users need a Plan license.

Do group administrators have access to all projects associated with the groups they manage?

No.Associating a project with a group does not automatically share the project with the group or anyone in the group. The project must also be shared with the group administrator or with the group.

Is it mandatory for a group to have a group administrator?

Yes. You must have at least one group administrator for any group. However, you can have a system administrator designated as a group administrator on a group.

Can a system administrator be a group administrator?


Will group administrators have the ability to assign users to a different Home Team?

Yes, but only if the system administrator enables the Edit Users permission in the access level.

Can a subgroup have its own administrator?

Not at this time.

Can you prevent a group administrator from creating subgroups?

No. Currently, in Preview Group Owners have the ability to create subgroups. Once this functionality goes to Production This will not change for Group Administrators.

If a group has subgroups, will the assigned group administrator apply to the subgroups as well?


Will group owners automatically change to group administrators with the production release?


If schedules are customizable by group administrators, does that mean schedules can now be customized by a group?

You cannot assign a schedule to a group. You can only assign a schedule to a user or a project. But with the new feature, both Group Administrators and System Administrators can customize schedules.

Can a group administrator create custom forms?

Yes, but only if the system admin has enabled the Manage Custom Forms permission in the access level.

Can group administrators assign or change the access levels or licenses used by their group members?

Yes, but only if the system administrator enables the Edit Users permission in the access level. Group administrators can never give a user an access level higher than their own.

Can a system administrator configure specific access for group administrators? For example, can you enable log in capabilities but restrict schedule access?

You can disable log in capabilities as well as resetting passwords, but all group administrators can create Layout Templates, Schedules, and Timesheet Profiles, by default.

As a system administrator, do I need to set anything up in the system to prepare for group administrators?

Yes. Here’s what you need if you want to use this feature:

  • Designate a group administrator for each of your groups (this is mandatory). If you already had a group owner designated for each group, this is already done for you. Just ensure you have the correct users in a group administrator role.
  • Decide what you want the group administrator to do and associate them with an access level which allows them to do those things. You can allow them to do any of the following by modifying their access level:
    • Create/ edit users
    • Assign timesheet profiles
    • Log in as other users
    • Reset Passwords for other users.
      See the “Understanding Group Administrators” section in “Creating and Managing Groups” for more information on the access needed for group administrators.  
  • All group Administrators will be able to create and edit Schedules, Timesheet Profiles, and Layout Templates. So, there is nothing you need to do for those capabilities.

Do you have plans to allow reporting on access levels for group administrators?

Not at this time.

Will there be training in Ascent for group administrators?

Yes, there will be a course published in Ascent on March 1st called, "Introduction to Group Administration."


Other Enhancements

Will the Paste From Clipboard feature be available in the update thread area on projects, tasks, and issues?

Yes, this is on the roadmap, but no firm timeline yet.

Is the Paste From Clipboard option available only if you have Proof?

The clipboard option is for proofs and other documents.

Any plans to allow pasting images within comments?

Yes, we’re planning to allow users to add images and documents to comments in the update stream.

With the parent object update feature "Automatic and On Change," will a PM need to choose "Recalculate Timeline" on their project?

No, there is no need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Can emojis be turned off?


Is there a shorthand for accessing the emojis, such as “:”?

Yes. Simply type a colon (:) directly followed by the name of the emoji.

With the widescreen changes, will the Custom Form page be wider than it is today?


Is there any update that will allow rich text formatting (bold, italic, underline, etc.) on the task details?

We don't have the ability currently to add rich text formatting on task details.

Can we report on Rich Text in the HTML field?

Yes, you can. See the Help article "What's New in API Version 9" for more information.


Workfront 2018.1 Release Webinar - Part 2

This webinar was presented on February 7, 2018.

The webinar focused on the following topics:

  • Resource Management enhancements
  • Proofing enhancements
  • Mobile enhancements
  • Jira integration

Webinar Q&A

Resource Management

Where can I find Actual Hours in Resource Planning?

Actual Hours are not displayed in the new Resource Planner at this point, but it is on the roadmap for us.

Can you block users from using the auto-assignment feature?

No, it is not possible to disable auto-assignment at this time.

Are you adding a custom filter option to the Resource Planner?

A custom filter option is on the roadmap, but it is not planned for 2018.

Are you adding custom quarter options in the Resource Planner?

Custom quarters are on the roadmap as part of a bigger redesign.

Can you show Planned Hours percent by day?

Not at this time.

Does a user need to be designated as a Resource Planner to see the allocation percentages?

If you want to see them in the Resource Planner, you have to be a Resource Manager.

Do you have to be a Resource Manager on all projects in order to see the User View and hours for all users?


Where can I find the “Set users’ Planned Hours as Budgeted” option?

This option is available in the three-dot menu that appears when you hover over the project or a role in Project/Role views.

Can you add budgets to templates?

No, but you can add Planned Hours to template tasks. Those numbers could be later used to estimate resource budgeting on future projects.

When will you be able to see Budgeted Hours by Person?

After the 18.1 release, users will have access to the "View by User" option, which will show budgeted hours by each user in the pools displayed.



Can you view the Preview changes in Workfront Proof?

Yes. For more information on accessing the Preview sandbox in Workfront Proof, see the article Preview Sandbox Testing Environment - Workfront Proof.”

Can Reviewers see the Proof Stage boxes?

This is available to all Proof license holders, irrespective of their role.

Will Proof Stage be reportable?

Yes, we plan to make the Proof Stage reportable in a future release.

Do you plan to change the URL from proofhq to workfrontproof anytime soon?

Yes, this is on the roadmap.

Will proofing Actions work if the proof is locked?

No, when a proof is locked, you are not able to use Actions.

Will proofing in Workfront have an all-proof dashboard similar to Workfront Proof?

Yes, this is on the roadmap.

If you leave a comment in the proofing viewer and then download the document as a PDF, will the comments show up in the PDF?

Yes, you can export proof comments to a PDF. You can select this option when the print is open under Menu > Print Summary.



How do you get the preview for the new mobile app?

There is no preview environment for the mobile apps. The new features will release to the apps as a regular update around the same date as the production date (March 1st, 2018 for the 18.1 release).

Can a system administrator set the login page for mobile users without accessing user mobile devices?

No, not at this time.


Jira Integration

Do the administrators for Workfront and Jira need to be the same user?

Not necessarily, but the system administrator in Jira must have access to a system administrator account in Workfront when they configure the integration.

The beta version of the JIRA add-on is only available in the Cloud version at the moment, correct?

Yes, that is correct.

Will there be training available for the Jira integration?

We do not have a training planned currently.

Can you sync comments from Workfront to Jira?

Yes, there is a Workfront tab in Jira which will show all of the Workfront comments.

What happens on the Jira user allocation if there is a user in another instance?

The allocation of users in Workfront does not affect the user allocation for Jira users.  

Does auto-provisioning need to be turned on for Jira assignees to be given a new account on first access?

If you want to allocate license, you can do that; however, it is not required.

When Jira creates a new user, what type of license is used?

It is a Non-User license, so it does not occupy a license. These users can never log in to Workfront on their own.

When someone adds hours in Jira, how does Workfornt determine which hour type will be used and logged as?

We are using the system hour types: if it is linked to tasks, then it will be logged using Task Time, if it is linked to issues it will use Issue Time.

This article last updated on 2018-02-08 22:24:40 UTC