Workfront Ascent: New Look (03/2018)

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Workfront Ascent: New Look (03/2018)


Coming in March, Workfront Ascent will have a new look in the My Learning section. The new interface offers a better, cleaner view of the My Learning area, so you can quickly gather information needed about a course. Let’s take a look at what’s changing and what you can expect to see when the changes go live in mid to late ​March.

What’s new?

Grid View

The new Grid view includes an image, course title, course overview, and estimated time it will take to complete the course.

Required Section

The Overdue section has been replaced with the Required section. A required course is any course that has been assigned to you by someone else such as your manager or a course assigned by Workfront with the Training Profile. An Overdue course is a course in which the due date has passed. Overdue courses used to be listed in a separate section but are now housed within the new Required section. They are highlighted with a pink overlay on the title of the course (see the first two courses displayed in the screenshot).


How to change it back

You can toggle the view between Grid and List at any time.


This article last updated on 2018-03-25 14:13:30 UTC