Understanding Limitations in Displaying Information in the Resource Planner


The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

The information you can see in the Resource Planner depends on the size of your screen. You can see up to four time periods on the screen at the most. 

Understanding Current Limitations in Displaying Information in the Resource Planner

Currently and to improve performance, Workfront limits the amount of information displayed in the Resource Planner.
Workfront displays a warning message to notify you when you have reached this limit. 
This limitation is temporary.

This limitation is visible differently depending on which view you apply to the Resource Planner and what environment you use to access this feature:

Understanding the Project View

When displaying the Resource Planner in the Project View you can see only the first 2000 projects where you are a Resource Manager.

Understanding the Role View

When displaying the Resource Planner in the Role View you can see only the first 2000 roles associated with projects  for which you are a Resource Manager.

NOTE When using the Project and Role Views, if the first 2000 projects or roles are not the projects or roles that you want to see, limit the amount of projects for which you are the Resource Manager. Maintain your role as the Resource Manager only on the projects you want to manage in the Resource Planner. This should reduce the number of projects you see, and display more relevant information in the Project and Role Views.  

We are actively working to address this temporary limitation and to allow the Resource Planner to display with fewer limitations. In the future, you will be able to control what you see by using filters. At this time, we are planning to remove this limitation with our 2018.2 release which is currently planned for June, 2018. 

Before the release to the Production environment, we will first release the solution for addressing this limit in the Preview environment. As a system administrator, you can follow your Announcement Center messages to learn when our Preview and Production release dates are scheduled. 

When this limitation is removed, we encourage you to review it in the Preview environment and let us know if the Resource Planner works as you would expect. 

For more information about working in the Resource Planner, see "Planning in the Resource Planner."

Understanding the User View

When you select the User View, the number of users and their items that displays in the Resource Planner differs depending on whether you access it in the Production or the Preview environment. 

  • If you access the User View from the Production environment: 
    • The User View displays users first and up to their first 2000 assignments (tasks or issues) associated users that display in the Resource Planner.  (this is temporary - remove after 18.2?!)
    • You see a warning icon at the top of the list of users when you reach the maximum amount of assignments in the Resource Planner. Mousing over the icon explains the reason for seeing it. (this is temporary - remove after 18.2?!)
    • The users that display in the Resource Planner by default must meet the following criteria: (this criteria is temporary)
      - Users have a Plan or a Work license.
      - Users have active accounts. Inactive users are not listed.
      - Users have logged in to Workfront at least once.
  • If you access the User View from the Preview environment: 
    • The User View is the default view. 
    • The User View displays the first 50 active users that you have access to see by default. Scrolling down you can display up to 2000 active users.
      You see a warning message when you have scrolled to the bottom of your list of users and have reached the maximum amount of users in the Resource Planner. 
    • When you expand each user, you can see the first 50 projects that the user is assigned to. Clicking Load More will expand the next 50 projects. You can see a maximum of 500 projects for each user.
    • You can expand every project to display a list of roles that user can fulfill on those projects, then expand each role to display a list of tasks or issues the user in that role is assigned to. There is an overall limit for how many roles, tasks or issues display at one time and Workfront displays a warning message when that limit is reached. Completed tasks and issues also display. 

NOTE We strongly recommend that you use filters to reduce the amount of information you display in the User View. 
For more information about using filters in the Resource Planner, see "Filtering Content in the Resource Planner."

Improve the Resource Planner by Participating in Beta Testing

Prior to the 18.2 release, we are also opening a beta program to validate the performance of the Resource Planner based on the changes we are making.

If you want to participate in this program or learn more about it, please see "Resource Planner Performance Beta."

***DO NOT CHANGE/ MOVE/ CHANGE NAMES OR LINK: This is linked to the UI at least during the 18.2 release. Maybe further. 

*** The Beta section will be removed after 18.2. The article will remain. It is linked to the big article Planning in the Resource Planner, and Understanding the Areas in the Resource Planner from each view of the planner (project, role, user) - cannot be removed unless these links are addressed. 

Keep this article even after 18.2 to explain limitations. Take the limitations references out from the Understanding the areas of the RP, and move them here. Link from there to here for them instead. 

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