Understanding How Often Users Log in to Workfront

You can see how often users log in to Workfront, as well as the last time they logged in by displaying this information in the view of a list of users or in a report for users. 

Understanding Login Information

Workfront records the following information about users logging in to the system:

  • Login Count: Workfront counts a user logging in to the application once every 24 hours. If one user logs in multiple times using different browsers, computers, or mobile devices, Workfront counts all of the logins that occurred in one day as one login. The Login Count includes information starting with when the user was created. 
  • Last Login Date: The last date when a user logged in. The date of every login from any browser, mobile device, or other applications is recorded in this field. 

Logging in to Workfront in any of the following ways counts as a login to Workfront:

  • The Workfront Web Application
  • The Workfront Mobile Apps (iOS or Android devices)
  • Any supported Workfront integration with another third party application (Slack, Jira)
  • The Workfront API
  • Any custom integration between Workfront and another third party application. 

Displaying Usage Information in a User List or Report

You can display the Login Count and the Last Login Date fields in the view of a list of users, or in a report for users. 
For more information about creating a report, see "Creating a Report."

To display usage information in the view of a list of users:

  1. Navigate to a list of users in Workfront.
  2. From the View drop-down menu, select New View.
  3. Click Add Column.
  4. In the Show in this column: field, start typing Login Count, then select it when it appears in the list under the User object.
  5. Click Add Column.
  6. In the Show in the column: field, start typing Last Login Date, then select it when it appears in the list under the User object.
  7. (Optional) Click Advanced Options, then select a Field Format from the drop down menu to include the time or the day of the week of the last login in your column. 
  8. Click Save View.
    The view includes information about how many times the users have logged in and when they logged in last. 
This article last updated on 2018-02-21 20:10:15 UTC