Workfront Training 2018.1 Release Content Updates

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Workfront Training 2018.1 Release Content Updates

With the 2018.1 product release, the Training team is proud to announce the publication of several new courses to support all of the great new features in Workfront. Below is a list of the new offerings and updated material.

For a full list of the curriculum and programs, download the updated Workfront Training Experience Guide.

New Courses

Moving from Legacy to New Resource Management Solutions

  • Learn about what’s new, what has changed, and what has stayed the same with Workfront’s resource management solutions.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Introduction to Agile Work Management

  • Get an introduction to the Agile methodologies of Scrum and Kanban to help you determine if an Agile approach is right for your team to effectively get work done.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Scrum and Kanban in Workfront

  • Give your work processes flexibility by learning to use Scrum and Kanban Agile work management methodologies in Workfront.
  • Technical Note: This course is replacing the on-demand version of "Agile in Workfront". All course completions will carry over to the new version.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Introduction to Group Administration

  • Take some of the Workfront configuration responsibilities off your overburdened system administrator. Designate group administrators to create and maintain select functionality for their own groups.
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Reviewing Proofs

New Program: Workfront's Solutions for Better People Management Training Program

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Description: People are important to an organization and to you. Knowing what workers are doing, if they are over or under utilized, and when they can start new work is crucial. Organizations can better execute key initiatives and help balance the time and energy of their resources by leveraging Workfront’s resource management solutions. The courses in this program will not only show you Workfront functionality but provide useful scenarios to ensure work is completed at the right time by the right people.

Technical Note: This program is replacing the “Resource Management Training Program.” On March 13, the old program will be deleted from Workfront Ascent. All courses in this program that have been completed will remain completed and count toward the new program requirements. The new program consists of the following six courses. 

Introduction to Workfront’s Solutions for Better People Management

  • This overview of Workfront's solutions for people management introduces you to strategic planning, capacity planning, resource planning, and resource scheduling.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Prioritizing Work with Workfront Portfolios

  • Use Workfront's portfolios and programs to organize your projects, justify initiatives, mitigate risks, and optimize resource allocation.
  • This class is replacing Portfolio Management.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Managing Resource Capacity to Execute Important Work

  • Leverage Workfront's resource planner to analyze and manage the supply and demand of your people resources. This allows you to answer key questions around resource management and prioritize resources across key initiatives.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Boredom vs. Burnout: Managing Your Team’s Workload

  • Leverage Workfront's AI-enabled resource scheduling and planning tools to get the right people doing the right work at the right time.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Utilization Reporting

  • Monitor costs and expenses and determine what factors are causing budget overages with utilization reports in Workfront.
  • Workfront Ascent link

Setting Up Workfront for Better People Management

  • Learn to set up your organization's system to leverage both strategic and tactical resource management solutions in Workfront.
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