Understanding Gantt Chart Feature Availability

As we work to remove the Legacy Gantt Chart from Workfront, not all features will be available before the Legacy Gantt is removed from Production near the end of 2018.

For information about Gantt chart functionality, see the "Using the Gantt Chart".

The following sections describe when specific Gantt chart functionality will be available:

Gantt Chart at the Project Level

Feature Before Legacy Gantt Is Removed After Legacy Gantt Is Removed Under Consideration* Not Planned
Gantt chart on Templates      
Resource grid view       Use the Resource Planning tools to view user allocation.
Full-screen mode     ✓   
Undo changes until the Gantt is saved      
Autosave after 5 minutes      
Drag the bubbles to change start and end dates      
Drag and drop assignments (roles and users)       Use an alternate method to assign users.
Edit assignment percentage and hours        Use the Advanced Assignments section.
Create baselines in the Gantt chart      
Assign milestones      ✓  
Export a project to MS Project from the Gantt chart       Use the MS Export under Project Actions.
Increase limitation of 250 tasks to export        
Select field data when printing      

*The functionality may or may not be added after the Legacy Gantt Chart is removed depending on customer feedback and other product priorities.

Gantt Chart for a List of Projects

Feature Before Legacy Gantt Is Removed After Legacy Gantt Is Removed Under Consideration Not Planned
Ability to expand projects      
View cross-project predecessor relationships ✓       
View predecessor relationships       
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