Maintenance Update on March 1, 2018

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on March 1, 2018:

Ref # Name Application Area
19404305 API Query for Note object times out WF: Update Stream
20434925 Additional Story Fields not working on Kanban board in Sandbox Preview WF: Agile
19795164 An Add Field Option Is Missing In Layout Template WF: Layout Templates
19602722 Branding in Preview Doesn't Work WF: Branding
19727364 CONCAT Custom Expressions not being accepted system-wide WF: Custom Form Builder
19689044 Cannot Open Proof WF: Proofing in WF
20442391 Cannot preview user's profile on prod. WF: User Management
20446061 Completion Progress Percentage initially inaccurate (too high) when tasks are marked as complete WF: Project Management
19753309 Current planned hours not reflected in Estimate of Kanban items WF: Agile
20003775 Custom Form not Loaded When Creating an Issue via Mobile app WF: Workfront for Android
20426356 Double stories tabs in iterations WF: Agile
20448545 Error message under Edit Project WF: Program Management
19803048 Populated user box showing above where it should when tagging a user with @ WF: Update Stream
19991772 FILTER button in Project - Staffing doesn't work in IE WF: Resource Scheduling
19773015 Facets show more results than are displayed in the return results WF: Search
19406668 Fix XSS holistically WF: Front End Framework(s)
20434753 Home not showing Project/Issue Name on an Issue Approval WF: MyWork
20004732 Indicator for Overallocation in Scheduling Works Wrong WF: Resource Scheduling
19791936 Mobile App - Timesheet Entry issues. WF: Workfront for iPhone
20442134 Planned Cost of a Child isn't Rolled up WF: Finance & Currency
19991123 Planned Hours are incorrect on Home View WF: MyWork
19399620 Planned Hours in the Project Details Plus Issue Planned Hours Still do Not Match the Total Number of Planned Hours displayed in Utilization WF: Project Utilization Report
19994788 Planned Start/Completion dates snap to schedule's start/end time instead of the entered times on tasks with fixed dates constraint WF: Task Management
20015614 Version Codes Disappeared Again WF: Custom Data
19062156 Project options of update type and summary completion mode/automatic WF: Project Management
20013273 Requests from request queue not showing up on the calendar of the new 'My Work' WF: MyWork
19729958 Show complete checked with no work complete says Maximum Search date for completed work reached. WF: Workfront Home
20025215 Some New 'Home Area' feedback WF: Workfront Home
20007213 Unable to log time from iOS mobile app WF: Workfront for iPhone
19682300 Unknown access "group" WF: Access Levels/Security
19752833 Utilization Not Showing Correct Total Budgeted Hours on Long Project WF: Project Utilization Report
19786984 Utilization on Project does not display roles WF: Project Utilization Report
This article last updated on 2018-03-05 20:40:52 UTC