Understanding Differences and Similarities between Groups and Teams

Groups and Teams are collections of users in Workfront. 

Although you can designate just one Home Group and one Home Team per user, each user can belong to an unlimited number of Teams or Groups. However, to avoid confusion, we recommend that each user belong to a limited number of Teams and Groups.

The following sections describe recommendations for when to use groups or teams, as well as a detailed functionality comparison.

Using Groups to Represent the Departmental Structure

We recommend that you configure Groups to match your departmental structure.

For example, you might have a Finance Group that contains users in the Finance Department. Within the Finance Department, people might be structured in teams which work independently from one another. 

For more information about creating and managing groups, see "Groups."

Using Teams to Represent the Working Structure within a Department

We recommend that you configure Teams to match the day-to-day working structure of your departmental teams.

For example, you might have a Payroll Team, an Accounts Payable and an Accounts Receivable team. Typically, people in each of these teams work on projects, tasks, or issues that are similar for those teams. 

For more information about creating and managing Teams, see "Creating and Managing Teams."

Group and Team Functionality Comparison

The following table illustrates differences and similarities between Groups and Teams:

Functionality Group Team
A Planner can create  
Only a System Administrator can create  
Share objects 
Assign a task  
Assign an issue  
Associate with a project  
Designate as an Approver in an Approval Process  
Notifications trigger for all members at one time  
Tag in a comment    
View in the People or Teams area  
View Working On List  
Filter users in the Resource Planner  
Visibility of Milestone Paths for a Project or Template  
Visibility of Custom Forms  ✓   
Visibility of Schedules  
Assign Timesheet Profiles 
Assign Layout Templates
Any user with a Plan license can assign it to another user    
Customize Statuses ✓   
Customize the Done button  
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