Configuring Whether Time Is Logged in Hours or Days

The information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

As a system administrator, you can configure whether users log time in Workfront in hours or days. You can configure this setting for each user, either individually or in bulk. By default, users log time in hours.

For information about how users log time in Workfront, see "Logging Time."

  1. Begin editing one or more user accounts, as described in "Editing User Accounts."
  2. In the Resource Planning section, locate the Log Time in option.
  3. (Conditional) If you are editing multiple users simultaneously, select Log Time in.
  4. Select from the following options for logging time:
    • Hours: Users specify hours when logging time in Workfront.
    • Days: Users specify days when logging time in Workfront.
  5. In the Equivalent Hours for Full Workday field, Specify the number of hours that equal a full day. One day on a user's timesheet is the equivalent of the number of hours you enter here.
    Consider the following when configuring this setting:
    • We recommend that you set this field even when Hours is selected in the Log Time in field. This ensures that historical data will remain accurate if in the future you decide to log time in days.
    • This field is used only for the purpose of logging time. This field is not related to the Schedule field that is also available when editing a user. The Schedule field is used when calculating timelines and in other areas of Workfront. (For more information about using the Schedule field, see "Creating Schedules."
  6. Click Save Changes.


This article last updated on 2018-04-12 23:01:43 UTC