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The following are frequently asked questions about reports: 

Why does my custom calculation for an hour difference not show the correct results in a column?

On a project report I have a calculation that subtracts Actual Hours (2) from Planned Hours (4). The result I am getting is 120 when it should be 2. 
My calculation is: valueexpression=SUB(workRequired,actualWorkRequired)


Fields using hours in Workfront are stored in minutes. When using the field in a calculation the result will be in minutes. To obtain the result in hours, you must divide the result of the calculation by 60. 
The correct calculation is: 

Why is the value of each of my chart elements in a report chart does not display on the chart?  


If you have more than 50 chart elements in a report chart, the value of each element does not display in the chart. 

When you have less than 50 elements in a chart, the value of each element displays in the chart. Consider adding a filter or modifying the groupings in the report to limit the amount of items you display in each element of the chart. 



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