Viewing the Workfront Home Calendar

The Calendar view in Workfront Home allows you to manage all your assigned work items in one place. Your Home Calendar view is visible only to you, and only you can manage your Home Calendar. 

NOTE Due to a temporary problem, your Workfront Calendar data might not display as described in this article. This problem will be fixed in the near future. 

To learn more about the Home Calendar, see "Understanding the Home Calendar View."

To view the Workfront Home Calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Home area in the Global Navigation Bar. Why not just "Click Home in the GNB"
  2. Click Work List in the top left corner of Home, then click Calendar in the drop-down menu.
    The Home Calendar view displays.
    All the work items assigned to you or assigned to groups, teams, or roles to which you are assigned display in the left panel. Okay to say "or assigned to your groups, teams, and roles"? 
    You can manage your workday by dragging and dropping tasks from the left panel to your calendar. To learn about how to populate your Home Calendar, see "Using the Home Calendar View."
This article last updated on 2018-10-11 19:33:41 UTC